The Wonder Mini collection

Ad some Wonder into your home with these calm original paintings.

A Reminder of the power of Wonder

The mini collection was created as an addition to the Wonder collection. The Wonder collection is a collection that is very dear to me in various ways. One of the reasons is that the collection was created during my son’s maternity leave. A period of warmth, slowing down, standing still, and many moments of wonder. I didn’t want to “let go” of the collection yet, which is how the mini collection was created.

The mini collection is a collection of 20 calm, layered paintings made out of selfmade watercolors created from earth pigments.

I invite you to let the paintings remind you to slow down, take a deep breath, embrace the calm, and be open to wonder.

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Widen your field of view and see the beauty and value
of the little and everyday


The mini collection is part of the Wonder collection

The Wonder collection was not only born during my maternity leave but also presented me with a host of unique challenges. Embracing the slower pace of life during this period provided an opportunity for creativity, curiosity, and fearless experimentation.

What makes this collection truly special is that it marks both my debut in the realm of canvas and my venture into the world of homemade earth pigment paint. Crafting paint from scratch is a deliberate process that demands additional time and patience, but the rewards are immeasurable. The act of paintmaking itself becomes a meditative journey, forging a deeper connection with the colors I use. Moreover, the resulting hues are so beautiful, and the texture they brings the artwork to live.

Throughout the creation of these pieces, there was a harmonious partnership between surrendering to the fluidity of watercolors and the delicate dance of merging abstract and semi-realistic elements.



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