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A beautiful collection of different Art Gifts: unique en warm.

original watercolor painting

Originals – Mini Collection


Originals – Wonder Collection


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The Wonder collection

A collection of 12 warm, calm and layered watercolor paintings inspired by slow living and wonder.   


I’m Eva , an fine artist living in the Netherlands together with my husband and my three children.

Painting brings me peace and pleasure. It’s a way to shut my mind and slowing down. My art is characterized by warmth, tranquility, and nature. I hope to give you a little bit of that same peace and a sense of belonging with my work.

The white collection

A collection of ink and watercolor paintings inspired by light. Resulted in a collection with a soft, light, and natural look.

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How often do we check our phones? More often than I'd like, actually. But when I do pick it up, I like to look at something beautiful.

That's why I created the Monthly wallpaper download for your phone.
Every month, I will create a new wallpaper with one of the latest art pieces on it.

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