I’m Eva , an fine artist living in the Netherlands together with my husband and my three children.

Painting brings me pleasure, peace and a sense of belonging. In a linguistic and fast world, images and creativity are powerful and helpful in different ways. I hope to give you a little bit of that same peace and a sense of belonging with my work.

Since I was a little girl I loved to draw and paint. I remember well the drawing lessons as an 8-year-old and the free periods in High School that I regularly filled with drwaing. At that time, I used my self-made drwaing folder folled with pencil drawing.

But between my college days and my daughter’s pregnancy, I barely touched a pencil. I graduated as a children’s therapist and have been working with children and their parents ever since.

During my maternity leave I started to paint again. There was an urge I couldn’t resist. My painting utensils were always on the kitchen table so I could quickly grab them to paint, even if it was for only one minute. This is how my first work was created. Now this has grown into different fine-art collections and collaborations.

Now, 2,5 years later, I create calm and refined paintings using natural pigments. More and more, I integrate sustainability into my practive. This focus on sustainability is not only due to its environmental benefits, but also because of the colors, subtle nuances, and textures that natural pigments offer. 

If you are interested in collaborations, art licensing or you have any questions, feel free to contact me.

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