The Wonder Collection

The Wonder collection is so far one of my most cherished collections and perhaps also the most vulnerable. The collection was created during my maternity leave with my youngest son. It has been a period of slowing down, quieting, exploring, and many moments of wonder.

The collection is a reminder of the power of wonder.



Art Reproduction


Artcards & Postcards

White collection

Sometimes there is a strong craving for light. Literally more light, sun and warmth. But also, light colors and the feeling of lightness. That’s how the White Collection developed.

The collection consists of artwork with many light earth tones or just sepia ink, with a soft and natural look. The result is a collection with a soft, light, and natural look.

Flower collection

Every time I had to stop to take a picture. The flowers were beautiful, fragile, and powerful at the same time. They provided a reminder to be in the moment and to appreciate every moment. I wanted to portray this fragility and strength in this latest flower collection. Beautiful and fragile at the same time.

  • High-Quality Glicee Prints
  • Printed on mould-made quality paper of 310 grams, without optical brighteners, acid-free


I’m Eva , an fine artist living in the Netherlands together with my husband and my three children.

Painting brings me pleasure, peace and a sense of belonging. In a linguistic and fast world, images and creativity are powerful and helpful in different ways. I hope to give you a little bit of that same peace and a sense of belonging with my work.

Download your free Monthly Art Wallpaper

When I picked up my phone again, I still had the Dragonfly as my wallpaper, which I once had as a downloadable. How nice would it be to have more variety in this?

That's why I created the Monthly wallpaper download for your phone.
Every month, I will create a new wallpaper with one of the latest art pieces on it.

A piece of art on your phone

And get early acces, announcements, deals and behind the scenes of my creative practise.

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